Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nailed It?

Here are all of the Nail polish looks I've shown on my beauty blog over the past 2 weeks. The time has come to choose one. It doesn't HAVE to be one I've worn but have I found the perfect quirky, bridal manicure yet?... I'm not sure. 

These are my alternates...
Right now I'm leaning toward "Party in My Cabana" by OPI (centre). Its a lovely daytime raspberry pink and is the best OPI formula I've tried yet, I wore it for nearly a week the last time before it started to chip and wear. My second favourite is the 2True Shade 3 'cause I think it's the closest match for my shoes.. but I don't know.. I think I want some kind of accent nail but that could just be a co-ordinating glitter top coat. I'm down to the wire now and the decision will be made today. Thoughts?


  1. I think the 3rd picture down is gorgeous! You should have those for your wedding! :) x

  2. I think 1 of 4! :) x

  3. I love the first! the last one is really not "weddingy" enough!

  4. i LOVE the last ones! But then again i love the accent nail of the first picture so i think you should have the nail varnish that's in the last picture plus the accent nail from the first picture :D That would look gorgeous!!

  5. I'd go for the OPI one (The raspberry shade!) Looks nice =)
    But definitely another colour on you ringfinger =)


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