Friday, 27 January 2012

Budget Bridal Bouquets

I'm so pleased with my flowers... they cost me a whopping £8.50 and are all I wanted for the day. I have a bouquet of roses and Ella, tulips.. all pink in keeping with the theme of course. 
It took an absolute age to strip the roses of the leaves and thornes and once I did the bunch in front of me looked considerably less impressive but I managed to get two neat little posies out of what I had. I used floristry wireand secured the stems one at a time rather than arranging them all and then securing them. I'm not sure that was the best way to go about it but hey.. it was my first time and I was shooting in the dark! I had some thick ribbon already that just happened to go perfectly with my shoes so I used that to cover the wire and hooked on a little M charm I had laying around as my initials once married will be MM! It seemed appropriate.


And here are Ella's flowers...
Tulips with a rose (I'm not so keen on the combo but she was desperate for a rose haha)
Pretty enough though and the pale pink will go nicely with her dress

Overall I'm really happy with them!

Miss BB

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