Thursday, 29 December 2011

Candlelit Romance

Although we're not having a big do as such I still like the idea of Wedding Candles! As you know I've done this before but I don't intend on doing it again and I really want to soak up every little bit of wedding I can. It's something I've only very recently been introduced to but it seems to be an emerging market with lots of brands bringing out their own versions. For those of you planning your own wedding this may be useful in a more conventional reception setting but this is more personal for me. I imagine lighting these candles as I get ready with my husband to be in our home. A scent that would remind us of that special day that we could light on our anniversary... or any romantic occasion really, doesn't that sound lovely? 

Here are some available right now...

Yankee Candle Wedding Day - from £6.99 here
Alesia Barry Wedding Reception Candles - £15 here
Bluebell Wedding Candle - £12 here

Miss BB

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boudoir Photography

Now I'm not a total stranger to a little boudoir photography but the growing trend for brides to have this type of erotic portraiture done prior to their big day is one I'm not so sure about. The concept is a good one, a gift for your future husband and something to look back on with (hopefully) pride one day. It appeals to the narcissist in me and immediately brings me back to Samantha in SATC having nude photos taken. No matter what you think of yourself right now in 20 years you will look back and realise how slim and attractive you were. Perhaps a photo session such as this could show you that sooner... perhaps it is the perfect affirmation with which to begin your married life. 
I'm not sure how I'd feel about taking my clothes off in front of total strangers but if I received beautiful images like the one above at the end of the day I think I could be persuaded.

The photo was taken from FYEO Portraits. 
Packaged start from £199 and you can check out their site here

Would you strip off for the pro's?

Miss BB

My Last Bridal Magazine

Look what I picked up today! With the wedding potentially just weeks away I thought it could well be my last chance. There are some things you can only do in that (normally) short period of engagement and buying bridal magazines is one of them. Once you have been a bride you are a wife.. there's no cool magazine for that, is there?... is there? Perhaps I've found a gap in the market...

Miss BB

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I'm leaning towards loose vintage-y pin curls to go with the ladylike cut of the dress.. thoughts?

Miss BB

Monday, 19 December 2011


Apologies for the poor quality iPhone picture but I couldn't wait to post it! The dress arrived (available on ASOS here) and I am in love! It's perfect, fits so well and is just the right length. I will absolutely be wearing it with my hot pink KG heels (pictured). I can't believe I've finally found THE dress!

Miss BB

Friday, 16 December 2011

Runaway Dress

When I saw this dress on ASOS I couldn't help but be reminded of the dress Julia Roberts wore in Runaway Bride.. It's a sweet little dress and ANOTHER I'm ashamed to say I'm considering. I just want to find THE DRESS! The problem is I don't know what I'm looking for.. I'm just hoping to find it by chance on one of my many online browsing sessions.. unsuccessful thus far but this is a nice one!
It actually looks like a short wedding dress!

FYI : Until Monday 19/12/11 if you use code ASOSGRAZIA30 you'll get 30% off full priced items

What do you think?

Miss BB

Thursday, 15 December 2011

All The Dresses...

Dress - Primark
Shoes - Kurt Geiger

Dress - Love Label
Shoes - BCBGeneration

Dress - Next
Shoes - Next

Dress - Forever 21
Shoes - Kurt Geiger

Dress - H&M
Shoes - Primark

Top - Next
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Primark

*Please ignore my legs.. I still have some residual baby weight to shift before I wear any of these outfits*

So c'mon... which is it going to be? I can't help but feel every dress choice I have is just too short. That was the beauty of the Vegas wedding plan.. it didn't matter how inappropriate my dress may be deemed.. in fact the trashier the better.. in a register office I still want something informal but it's so hard to find the right balance. I want to be conservative yet quirky. Is it even possible?

Help Wanted!

Miss BB

Saturday, 3 December 2011

ANOTHER Dress???

Okay so it might be the 5th dress option I've bought but at £14.99 (here) it was practically free!
I first saw it months ago in store and loved it, it was so Vegas appropriate but by this time we'd already agreed to forgo the chapel of love for a register office so close family could attend. Even at the original price of £34.99 it seemed a shame to pass up but I couldn't think when I'd wear it. When I saw it reduced online I had to have it.. I'm thinking it could be an after-party dress. There are still no firm wedding plans, I think it' likely to all be a bit whirlwind and last minute which is always exciting but I think perhaps there will be a meal somewhere afterwards with friends and maybe drinks.. this is very much a cocktail dress after all. I am planning a big dress post soon to show you each of my options and gather opinions.. they're all pretty forgiving, nothing clingy so even 2 weeks post partum I should be able to model them for you. Now there's a timer on Lee's divorce being final I have to start making some decisions.. it's all very well planning and planning and having all these random ideas and 5 dresses but it's actually going to happen soon and we don't have any real plans at all.



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