Saturday, 14 August 2010

Wedding Dress Stress

Choosing your wedding dress should be something you only do once right? In my case.. no!
The first time around I had a big wedding but I didn't want to go for the big dress.
I had a lovely floor length ivory evening dress but it was no meringue.
This time around I just don't know what to wear!!!
It will be just the two of us and a very informal setting, I've even considered wearing jeans and tshirt.
I guess I'll hold on to the photos forever though so I need to put a little more thought in!
The two dresses below are my two choices right now, the first I recently bought from Next, thought it looked kinda cute and would work if I happened to fall pregnant before the big day...
The second is one I had a go at making myself, a retro number, but I don't know if it's nice enough for the day... It's not very wellmade... I'm barely a novice with a sewing machine lol.
On the jeans front I considered buying a really nice pair of white ones and embellishing the back pockets with my new initials...
I could spring for some designer shoes to "special up" the outfit lol
My next decision is hair and makeup but not until I've decided on the dress...
I'm swaying towards the cream flowy number myself but I'd love your opinions

miss bb

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Flights of Fancy

This week I decided on the dates we would go away.
So the next thing is researching flights and hotel... now THAT is a big job!
Do I book online? using expedia or a like company or do I book flights/hotel seperately?
Do I visit a travel agent, can they REALLY get me the best deal?
When do I book? Now? Last minute? When will I save the most money?
Do I just book flights and hope for a cheap deal when I just turn up on the day????
OMG how stressful is planning a holiday? VERY!
So I think I'm going with expedia because I haven't booked a trip any other way for like 8 years... I pretty much LOVE it.. only problem is that expedia are not offering me any direct flights on the dates I want them... and all the airlines are ones I've never heard of, now British Airways or (my fave) VIRGIN!!
So I check virgin for their flights and they're crazy expensive..
At this point I'm thinking, what would I rather? Go with this unknown (to me) airline and have more money for the hotel... OR pay more to fly virgin and have to go seriously budget on the hotel? what's more important for our "weddingmoon"???
mmm... I'm pretty sure I will end up booking expedia as the hotel/flight deals are yet to be beaten on my little research jaunt but if anyone hasd any suggestions or tips I would appreciate it!
I have visited vegas before buit a different time of year and the options were more varied.. If anyones been around October... even better to get married... post a lil comment, I'd love to hear from you!
In the meantime I will continue my frustrating search for the perfect trip!
I will book asap and I will surely update you all as soon as I have.


miss bb

Monday, 9 August 2010

I've been collecting

Hi Guys!

I plan to vlog this in a kind of haul format..
I've been collecting bits and bobs for our trip to vegas
This is what I have so far...

A Video Catch up

Vegas Wedding Planning so far...

Choosing a Chapel...

After my last blogpost I had several suggestions as to where I should go to get married.
I think we've finally made a decision!
The Chapel Of The Bells is fabulous, on the outside it doesn't look up to much but inside it's just gorgeous.
I've watched as many videos as I can find of the chapel on YouTube, including Kelly Ripas return... (she married there herself)
It's just so cute and romantic inside...and even better it's a freakin steal!
Here's the link, check itout for yourself. This is almost certainly the winning venue for our vegas elopement..

If anyone has an suggestions or good reviews for us please leave your comments below.
But for now..
here's a picture of what could be the setting for our last minute Vegas wedding..

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Welcome To My Blog


The tackiest place on earth?....or the most ROMANTIC???

This is open to interpretation.

I am looking forward to a "quickie wedding" in Vegas this October.
It's yet to be booked and I'm still researching the actual getting married part but I'm pretty much sold on the idea. I have been gradually collecting bits and pieces for 6 months or more and really cannot wait.

I have the option of going all out tacky... jeans and tshirt, drive thru wedding extravaganza....


I could go for an intimate, candlelit, flowy dressed affair...
each one PERHAPS equally as romantic in their own way, but which should I choose?

For a while I was siding with the all out tack... I thought if I was gonna do a vegas wedding why not embrace the cheese? You won't be dissappointed and it would be a quirky story to tell your friends..
Then I bought a cute dress and thought... maybe I'll do it a little more traditionally...

NOW .... I just don't know!

For those of you that have been following me for a while on YOUTUBE you will know that both my partner and I are currently getting divorced from our previous spouses which means no solid plans can be made until those are both final. This is annoying to say the least but we're getting on with things and passing the time, hoping that we will be all done in time for october. This is one of the reasons that Vegas seemed the obvious choice.

There's no waiting time between divorce and re-marry in the state of Nevada,

We can "plan" without actually planning ANYTHING,

We don't have to deal with opinions of anyone else who may...have an opinion
So Vegas it is... I think,
But which direction do I take... Tackiest of tacky or the most romance Las Vegas has to offer?

Please leave comments
Thanks for Reading



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