Tuesday, 28 February 2012

One Month On - Wedding Video

I can't believe I haven't put this up here yet. I posted this video over on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago so I know why it's taken me so long but it seemed appropriate to mark our 1 month anniversary. One month of wedded bliss... ok so it's not really any different to our life before we were married but it's still pretty blissful all the same! Right now we're very much in holiday countdown mode as our honeymoon in Vegas is less than 3 weeks away.. exciting!
So without further ado here's a look at our day set to The Beatles - Here There & Everywhere

I've had a few questions with regard to what I will do with this little chunk of web space now the wedding is over and I thought I'd give you a little indication of my plans. Following the inevitable picture heavy honeymoon post I intend to continue this blog as resource site for brides like myself that just don't want to spend £10k on one day whether they have it or not. MissBudgetBride will hopefully become a mecca of budget friendly wedding ideas. Although I'm no longer planning my own big day I'd love to have a hand in helping others plan theirs and having planned two very different weddings of my own I think I'm in as good a position as any to dish out advice on the subject!

Miss BB

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bridal Budget

This long awaited post is fairly self explanatory so I'll let the numbers do the talking. This is our wedding budget. I've included some items we already had just to give a more realistic overview of how much it would really cost.
  • My Dress £30 (asos)
  • My Shoes £15 (amazing KG bargain)
  • Jewellery £2.50 costume ring from Primark
  • suit £120 (next - but he already had that so it doesn't really count)
  • Milo's outfit £7.99 (h&m)
  • Ellas dress £25 (next)
  • Ellas shoes £4 (Primark)
  • My ring £150 (Amanda Wakely)
  • Lees ring £350 (Ernest Jones)
  • Hair & Makeup Hard to say.. I did it all myself and bought nothing new for the occasion so £0
  • Perfume - Vera Wang Lovestruck £19 (bargain from the sales)
  • The ceremony £107.50 (bare minimum costs for a register office wedding)
  • Flowers £8.50
  • Cake <£20 (made it myself so just the cost of ingredients and decorations)
  • Photography £0 - did it ourselves with the help of friends and family
  • "Reception" - The meal came to <£250 but everyone paid for themselves so it only cost us £40
  • Honeymoon £1500 + spending money (the trip to Vegas was originally the wedding itself)

Total - £899.49 (£2,399.49 inc Honeymoon)

As weddings go we hardly spent anything at all and the morning after we were very glad!

Miss BB

Saturday, 4 February 2012

One Week Anniversary

Today marks two celebrations for me.. my 26th birthday and 1 week of being Mrs McDaid (still so bizarre). I've started the process of changing my name on all things legal and it's so strange.. as you know I was married before but I didn't take his name (should have know, eh?) so I'd kind of thought I'd have my name forever. When Lee and I got engaged I just knew I would take his name.. but I've always liked being a Jones and it will take some getting used to. 
For those (and there are many of you) asking about the video.. I'm working on it 'm just trying to give myself a break after the short notice wedding planning I had a few videos in the bank and knew I could afford to relax a little.. I do have some bits and pieces I plan to edit together and will add in the photos etc. I'm not going to leave you all hanging as some feared. I did put up pictures as soon as I could but I know some are still waiting on the video so I thought I should address it.. I intend to have it all edited in time for a Valentines Day upload (seemed appropriate) sorry if that's forever but like I said.. it's coming I'm just taking my time while I have the luxury to do so.

Miss BB

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Our Wedding

And the photographer....

  My Dad!

I will do a full post very soon but I sensed some of you would be impatient to see the photos so I thought I'd get them up as soon as I could. All in all it was a great day and I'm still very glad I didn't spend a fortune. I will be unveiling my budget in an upcoming post for those interested.

Miss BB

Friday, 27 January 2012

Here, There & Everywhere

I hadn't even considered wedding music for our registry office ceremony until a comment was left for me on YouTube asking what songs we had chosen. Now it's the night before the wedding and we still haven't decided. We have to choose one track to be played while signing the register, nothing more. The current favourite is this..

The reason being that we are Friends fanatics. We easily watch a disc a night, it's what we have on as we go to sleep.. I am so used to it at this point I took a few to hospital when I was having Milo.. it's like "home".. do you know what I mean? Anyway my favourite wedding of the series has to be Phoebes and for years I wondered what song was played on steel drums as she walked down the aisle.. I finally googled it and discovered it was this very Beatles track. It's significant to us because of our 'obsession', it's a romantic song and generally we just like it and I'm not usually a Beatles fan - blasphemy, I know. For your own viewing pleasure here's a clip of said wedding... go on.. tell me it's not the most romantic, fairytale wedding! You just can't!

Miss BB

I Do Shoe... My Something Blue...

I only discovered this little idea this week by which time it was crazy expensive to secure express delivery so I decided to cobble something together myself. I still needed a something blue and loved the idea of incorporating it into such a cute addition to my already quirky shoes. I bought a sheet of adhesive diamante letters and really... it's as simple as that! It took no more than 5 minutes to create something so cool that's impact far surpasses the effort required. I'm super pleased with them and can't wait to show them off TOMORROW!!! eek!

I had no idea how popular this was until today when I googled "I do shoe stickers" for an additional photo for this post. I think it's another American trend that's found it's way across the pond but I had to share some of my favourites I found online...

found here
found here

found here

 Miss BB
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