Thursday, 2 September 2010

With this ring...

So here's my engagement ring

It's kind of vintage looking, I have it made and I love it..
The problem is I haven't found a ring that looks right with it.

This ring has a kind of milgrain finish and a diamond band, it's shaped but I don't want a shaped wedding band, I wanted a diamond band that would look nice alone aswell as with the engagement ring. It's been a tough search, I'd take CZs if I could find the perfect ring but I haven't!! plus if I buy costume jewellery it won't last so even when I see something that looks like the perfect fit it's never any good.
I thought about having one designed but it will take 3 months to come back and I'm not sure how much time I have, I've already had to wait so long to get re-married that I don't want to slow things down any more just for a ring. So anyway.. I found this...

It would go perfectly.. I'm yet to try it on in the store but it's exactly what I've been looking for :)))
If anyone has any suggestions or has seen anything suitable keep me informed!!
Until then..

See you in my next post


Miss BB


  1. Your ring is gorgeous! For the wedding band, would you need something that would mold or fit flush under the waves of the e-ring? I think the one you show here is beautiful, though!!!!

  2. Your engagement ring is beautiful. Very unique. It is lovely that you were able to use the diamond that belonged to your grandmother. Gives it that extra meaning.


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