Sunday, 30 January 2011


So I'm officially divorced! I'm still waiting for my decree absolute but as and when it will be backdated to 20/01/11 so I'm divorced, right? I have deliberated, as you know, for MANY months about the destination of  our wedding but I think it will be Sheffield after all.. I am aiming for mid-April as Lee's divorce has only just gone to the court so hopefully that gives enough time for it to be sorted. I have so had my heart set on Vegas that I think we're gonna go for a Vegas themed after-party to make use of the many bits and pieces I have collected. 
In other news I ordered my wedding ring today.. it will arrive next weekend so look out for a blogpost on that! 
I also finally found Deborah Lipmans "Waking Up In Vegas" polish in my local House Of Fraser, it's new to the store and I nearly fell over when I saw it... very exciting times people, some of you may not be excited by a nail polish but this is the same shade Lady Gaga wore on the cover on Vanity Fair.. 
All this aside... it's £14 a bottle so I will be bitterly disappointed if it isn't the most amazing polish I've ever worn! I will of course be painting my nails and posting pics very very soon.

I will  be doing some wedding  hair and makeup trials/tutorials over the next month so I will post those here so you don't miss them. I'm very interested in your opinions on dress, shoes, accessories and the like, I might even put it to a vote.
I really can't wait to get married.. I know how crazy that must sound given I am only very recently divorced but this ones for keeps ;) 


miss bb

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  1. do you live in sheffield? Just wondering because i do :) xx


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